“Food For Thought” (or FFT) is our Tuesday lunch series at the Bradley Study Center.

We gather together over food (sandwiches, usually), and discuss a big question together.

We hear from a speaker, followed by a time of conversation and Q&A. No prep necessary — just come curious, hungry, and with a friend!

When: Tuesdays, 12:30-1:30pm

Where: 104 Faculty Street



Some of the questions we’ve talked about before include…

Can faith survive in the university?

Are faith and science in conflict?

Who founded the Christian faith, Jesus or Paul?

Can any religion claim to be the only way to God?

Why do we have only 4 gospels in the Bible?

What is a Christian view of mental illness and mental health?

How can a good God allow so many bad things to happen?

When was Jesus created? (Or was He?)

How do you know what’s good for you?

How do you keep growing your faith in post-grad life?