We are a group of professors, instructors, staff, and administrators at Virginia Tech united by our common experience that Jesus Christ provides intellectually and spiritually satisfying answers to life’s most important questions. We are available to students, faculty, and staff who might like to discuss such questions with us.

Amy Allen
Elementary Education

Casey Barker
Student Engagement and Campus Life

Lisa Becksford
University Libraries

Jonathan Boreyko
Mechanical Engineering

Dean Bork
Landscape Architecture – Emeritus

Bob Canfield
Aerospace and Ocean Engineering

Dave Close
Virginia Cooperative Extension

Mark Embree
Integrated Sciences

Curt Friedel
Agricultural, Leadership, and Community Education

Bobby Grisso
Biological Systems Engineering – Emeritus

Caroline Hornburg
Human Development and Family Science

Buddy Howell
School of Communication

Josh Kardos
Plant and Environmental Sciences – Horticulture

Bryan Katz
Civil & Environmental Engineering

Eric Kaufman
Agricultural, Leadership, and Community Education

Parry Kietzman
Plant and Environmental Sciences – Entomology

Samantha Kenyon
Aerospace and Ocean Engineering

Creed Jones
Electrical and Computer Engineering

Jamie McGrath
Corps of Cadets

Cliff Ragsdale
Business Information Technology

Bill Reynolds
Materials Science and Engineering

Cal Ribbens
Computer Science

Shane Ross
Aerospace & Ocean Engineering

Bob Shelton
Corps of Cadets

Michael von Spakovsky
Aerospace and Ocean Engineering

Anita Walz
University Libraries

Jerald Walz
Agricultural, Leadership, and Community Education

Julia Westblade
University Libraries

Erik Westman
Mining and Minerals Engineering

Updated: January 2024

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