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The Bradley Study Center exists to engage Virginia Tech students, faculty, and community members in the rich intellectual traditions of the Christian faith and explore its implications for every aspect of life.

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The Movies and America: What the Nominees for Best Picture Tell Us About Ourselves

February 25, 6:30pm
The River’s Edge (209-D College Ave)


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Nov 1, 2018


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Why Science Can’t Tell Us How to Live

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The Science and Faith reading group was such a fantastic opportunity for me, as it helped me work through some questions that were coming up in one of my classes this semester, particularly on the interface of science and religion. I’m excited that the Bradley Study Center is offering avenues for students to thoughtfully reflect on their faith in the midst of all the questions presented in a university.– Melanie, Class of ’18




The Bradley Study Center’s thoughtful approach to Christianity provides a welcoming environment for me to explore and question my beliefs, which has led me to a deeper understanding and appreciation of my faith.” – Emily, Class of ’18

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