Find a project that’s right for you!

When you think about student ministry, what revs your engine or fills your sails?

What strengths do you have that hold hands with the Bradley Study Center’s mission?

Is your small group interested in supporting what we’re doing on campus?

Here are just some of the ongoing ways to get involved! Many of these projects are great for individuals and groups alike.


Whether you’re looking to volunteer once a week or once a year, we’ll match your interests, talents, and abilities with the Bradley Study Center’s mission and current needs. We recommend volunteering on a regular basis, even if it is infrequently — e.g. making cookies for student Fellows meetings once per semester. This helps our staff anticipate coverage and make the most of available resources.

Become a Volunteer

Complete this volunteer registration form to let us know you’re interested. You can also send an email to our Director of Operations, Rachel Kimzey, at [email protected] or give her a call at 540-315-7212.

A special thank you.

Not only do you dynamically increase our organization’s capacity to pursue our mission, but it says something significant to students, faculty, and staff at the BSC to have you partner with us in such hands-on ways. So, if you already volunteer, know we deeply love and appreciate you!