We are building a Christian Learning Community at Virginia Tech.

We believe that Christian students and faculty need to see and experience the deep intellectual and spiritual resources found in the classical, historic Christian faith. These resources can enrich the pursuit of knowledge and truth, and expand our imaginations about how we live faithfully in the world as followers of Jesus Christ.

This is our vision of how God is calling us to serve the Virginia Tech community for the next five years.


Cultivate a vibrant Christian learning community with students and faculty being formed spiritually, intellectually, and vocationally.

Imagine 40-50 undergraduate and graduate students who are actively integrating their Christian faith with their studies and future vocations, along with a vital and diverse community of faculty embracing a distinctive Christian vocation in higher education.  Our Fellows initiative is our signature formative program, and over the next five years we want to deeply impact the lives of 30 or more students each year.


Foster a welcoming and diverse Christian community of students, faculty, staff, and community members who feel at home at the study center and who extend grace and hospitality to others.

We are seeking to be a place and community that serves as an “intersection” or “commons” near campus, where students, faculty, and campus ministry staff regularly visit the center for prayer, worship, fellowship, studying, and connecting with others.  We value our partnerships with campus ministries and local churches, and we envision the study center as a place of connection for Christians on campus and in the New River Valley.


Bear faithful Christian witness in the university, through relationship-building, partnerships, and offering the resources of the Christian tradition to the academic disciplines.

We hope to build on recent successes in university partnerships, such that the study center is widely recognized as a friend to the university, upholding and promoting a classical vision of higher education which includes: the exploration of enduring human questions, unfettered intellectual inquiry, the value of the Christian tradition to academic discourse, and a commitment to Truth and the Transcendent.  We do that through regular public lectures and events that engage a broad cross-section of the university community and present Christian perspectives on topics of importance to the university and society.