1. Air is your enemy in the freezer – air leads to freezer burn. So everything about packing up a casserole for the freezer is about keeping the extra air out of the food. Use professional-strength plastic wrap to do this. Press that plastic wrap down onto the surface of the food. You do not want to just stretch the wrap across the top of the pan. You want to try to get as much contact between the plastic wrap and the top of your casserole as you can. This will keep the air out.
  2. Next up, aluminum foil. The plastic wrap by itself isn’t going to quite get the job done. You need another layer to protect your food from the freezer and freezer burn. Use heavy-duty aluminum foil to tightly wrap your casserole, again, press the foil down on the surface of the food.Make sure the entire pan is covered, with enough foil left to wrap around the sides of the pan. Depending on the size of your pan, you might need two layers of aluminum foil to get it completely wrapped.
  3. Last but not least, a label. It is so important to label your casseroles before you freeze them. In a solid disposable pan with a foil cover, you can’t tell what’s inside!


  1. Make sure you have freezer bags with zip locks that are designed for freezer use. It’s important to choose bags that are durable, thick, and have a reliable sealing mechanism.
  2. Allow your cookies to cool completely before placing them in the freezer bags. This prevents condensation from forming inside the bags, which could lead to freezer burn.
  3. Arrange the cookies inside the freezer bag.
  4. Starting from the bottom of the bag, gently squeeze out as much air as possible without squishing the cookies. Removing excess air helps minimize the chance of freezer burn.

Casserole how-to adapted from Cookie how-to adapted from