Why is John Mayer Worried about Gravity? (Sweet Tea and Theology)

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What lies behind the appeal of John Mayer’s honesty regarding his personal feelings (“these days, I wish I was six again”), sense of disorientation (“something’s missing, and I don’t know how to fix it”) , aspiration to greatness (“some day I’ll fly”), and recognition of personal smallness (“gravity, keeps workin’ against me”)?  What does his popularity reveal about us – about life and American society in the early 21st century?

Talk by Dr Dean Bork, retired Professor at Virginia Tech, with Q&A to follow.

“Sweet Tea and Theology” is a series of lectures and discussions offered by the Bradley Study Center to explore important questions and hold meaningful, relevant conversations across differences, in light of the Christian faith.  Open to the Public, with refreshments served (including sweet tea).

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