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A Christian and Atheist walk into the Cellar… Science, Belief, and Friendship

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In 2013, astrophysicist (and atheist) Nahum Arav and chemist (and Christian) Paul Carlier met as participants on a forum on science and religion. Thanks to gift cards from the forum organizers, Nahum and Paul began meeting for lunch at the Cellar to better understand their different perspectives on religion, the meaning and purpose of life, and the limits of science. Eleven years and many lunches later, they count each other as close friends. What did they learn about each other, where did they find unexpected consensus, and where do they still disagree (and how do they handle those disagreements as friends)?

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  • Paul Carlier (Director of UICentre, Pharmaceutical Sciences, University of Illinois Chigago)
  • Nahum Arav (Professor of Physics, Virginia Tech)

Bradley Conversations are a series of dialogues engaging Christian thought and contributing to the academic life of the university.

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