For Christian students and faculty, the university can be a lonely place.

College is supposed to be an intellectually challenging time, but it can also foster an irreparable divide that leads Christians to conclude that their faith has no relevance for their studies or their work, and may actually cause them to walk away from their faith entirely. 

The Bradley Study Center exists to help students and faculty think and live as Christians within the life of the university, developing whole lives in Christ.

We invite Christians to respond to the fragmentation of the college campus by living more integrated lives, and exploring the riches of the Christian intellectual tradition in ways that connect their faith with their work as students, faculty, and future professionals.

In short, we want to be salt and light for the Virginia Tech community – modeling a Christian vision of a whole, integrated life for students, faculty, and community members in ways that contribute to the common good of the entire university community, and the New River Valley.

FAITH: fully loving God with “heart, mind, soul, and strength”

LEARNING: pursuing knowledge and truth for the flourishing of humans and creation

VOCATION: open and oriented to God’s calling to serve the common good