Throughout the semester we explore different books and topics through our discussion groups, offering a community and a context in which to discuss together different aspects of life and culture in relation to the Christian faith.

These groups are open to everyone—students, faculty, and community members. Find a reading group that interests you and sign up below!  Books are provided free to students who sign up online.

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On the Incarnation, by St. Athanasius

Join us for a 5-week discussion group as we look into the mind and experience of a young Christian in the first centuries after Christ. Athanasius explains and defends the Incarnation and the Trinity in this classic Christian text. Approximately 12-15 pages per week. Books will be provided for those who sign up.

Facilitator:  Mike Weaver, Director of the Bradley Study Center
Time: Mondays, 6:30pm, starting March 18  (5 weeks)
Location:  The River’s Edge  •  209-D College Ave  •  Blacksburg, VA

Doing the Right Thing: Making Moral Choices in a World Full of Options

With this 6-part video series, we will discuss real-life implications of ethics in our culture, economy, government, school, and individual lives. Can a civilization flourish without guiding values? Where does a sense of morality come from? How do we know and do what’s right?

Facilitator: Michael Folta
Time: Mondays, 5:15pm, starting March 25  (6 weeks)
Location:  The River’s Edge  •  209-D College Ave  •  Blacksburg, VA

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Spring 2019 Groups

Fall 2018 Groups

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