Summer is a great time to break out that book you’ve been waiting to read…  We also have some summer reading recommendations, as well as an interesting podcast hosted by the Veritas Forum:

image of the book Fool's Talk

Fool’s Talk
Os Guinness

Following the tradition of Erasmus, Pascal, G. K. Chesterton, C. S. Lewis and Malcolm Muggeridge, Guinness demonstrates how apologetic persuasion requires both the rational and the imaginative.

image of the book Uncommon Decency

Uncommon Decency
Richard Mouw

In our divided society, it’s not always easy to hold to convictions and treat sometimes vindictive opponents with civility and decency. Richard Mouw argues that Christians have a gospel responsibility for witnessing to and furthering God’s kingdom in ways that reflect the character of Christ.

image of the book The Confessions by Saint Augustine

St. Augustine

Augustine’s Confessions is one of the most influential and most innovative works of Latin literature. Written in the author’s early forties in the last years of the fourth century A.D. and during his first years as a bishop, they reflect on his life and on the activity of remembering and interpreting a life.

Hinge Podcast Logo

Hinge Podcast
Veritas Forum and Curios Media

Hinge is the result of two friends who arrived at different conclusions to one of the most polarizing questions in history: Who is Jesus Christ? Cory, an atheist, and Drew, a pastor, love the big questions and believe that through honest questioning and dialogue, we can come to better understand what it means to be human.