The Bradley Study Center is Hiring!


The Bradley Study Center is seeking someone with passion and skills in working with college students who will be tasked with connecting Virginia Tech students to the programs, events, and ministries of the study center, for our mission of “engaging students, faculty, and community members in the intellectual riches of the Christian faith and exploring its implications for every aspect of life.” We are seeking a candidate who:

  • openly embraces the BSC statement of faith and is willing to instruct students from that perspective
  • is passionate about helping Christian students develop the life of the mind, and connect intellectual, spiritual, and vocational formation
  • enjoys and is adept at working with students, faculty, and community volunteers, and organizing and leading groups and events
  • is interested in working with graduate and undergraduate students
  • is highly organized and motivated
  • occasionally participates in fundraising activities
  • holds a masters or doctoral degree in theology or the humanities (preferred)

The Director of Programs will report to the Executive Director and will have the following responsibilities (these percentages might change depending on the needs of BSC). These duties assume a half-time position, salaried (exempt).

  • Student Engagement (40%)
    • Outreach:
      • Foster a sense of community among a broad cross-section of students who participate in the BSC, given that most students also participate in other campus ministries
      • Encourage students (Christians and otherwise) to participate in the programs of the BSC
      • Continue to develop a “Student Ambassadors Team” which can provide input to BSC programs, help promote events, and strengthen student connections with campus ministries
      • Ensure that the Bradley Study Center remains a registered student organization in good standing with the university, complying with all requirements.
      • Work with the Operations and Communications Manager to develop and implement a robust social media and communications strategy focused on students
    • Formation:
      • Help build an “inner circle” community of graduate students and advanced undergraduate students who “get” the mission of the study center and desire to go deeper in formation (many of these students may also be Fellows, and the Fellows Program may align well with this work area)
      • Meet regularly with select students for individual mentoring, with a focus on theologically-rich discipleship and “loving God with all your mind”
      • Help connect and foster mentoring between students and faculty partners of the BSC
    • Reading Groups and Fellows Program (40%)
      • Direct reading and discussion groups, personally leading at least one group, and overseeing the success of all others
      • Groups will last from 4 to 12 weeks each semester
      • Typical texts or topics might include:
        • Acts, The Early Church and Christian Distinctiveness
        • Mere Christianity, Confessions, Bonhoeffers Discipleship
        • Various science and faith topics
      • Recruit faculty and community leaders to lead or assist leading groups
      • Assist the Exec. Dir. in supporting the student Fellows program for CY 2021
        • Participate in one Fellows seminar/course
        • Develop the curriculum and lead the Fall 2021 seminar/course focusing on “EQUIPPED: Thinking and Living as a Christian”
      • Study Center Hospitality (10%)
        • Work with the Operations and Communications Manager to develop and promote a place for hospitality for students at the study center building
        • Spend time in the building meeting students
        • Hold regular hospitality events to draw new students into the building
      • Center Support (10%)
        • Event Planning – take charge of planning and execution of select major program public events, as assigned by the Executive Director. Only one major event is scheduled for October 2021.
        • Assist the Executive Director in efforts to recruit volunteers for study center activities
        • Maintain strong partner ministry relationships by regular meetings with campus ministry staff and participating in the weekly meeting of Faith Communities @ VT
        • Assist with miscellaneous development duties related to the BSC (TY note writing, development events, grant-writing, etc.)

In the Fall 2021, there may be an option for the Program Director to move to ¾ time (30-35 hours per week) and assume additional responsibilities for planning and execution of one or two major public events being planned for that semester.

We are looking for a candidate who would like to serve for the entire year of 2021, starting in January, with possibilities of continuing beyond the first year as opportunity arises. This position is an at-will employment, and the candidate will be expected to raise funds to support half of their salary. BSC will provide support-raising assistance and training as needed.

Interested candidates should provide a cover letter and resume to [email protected]. Review of candidates will begin on October 26, 2020.