Faculty & Grad Student Lunches

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During the semester, join us for lunch as we discuss and explore the intersection of Christianity and the academy at Virginia Tech.  All faculty, staff and graduate students are welcome.  Sign up below and we’ll provide lunch.  Donations of $5 will be accepted.

Semester Faculty Discussion Series on “Educating for Shalom”

Should there be anything distinctive about the way that Christians approach their scholarship in the public academy?  If so, how and under what kinds of circumstances?  What implications do our answers have for the way Christian faculty members view their role as educators?  This fall we will explore these questions through discussions of selected essays written by philosopher Nicholas Wolterstorff.  Join us to see what he has to say about ‘Educating for Shalom’.  We encourage you to read the brief essays in advance, but it’s not required to participate.

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What is the proper goal of education?
October 17, 12:20-1:10pm, Newman Library Multi-purpose Room

It is broadly assumed that the purpose of education is to transform students toward some desired outcome(s). Wolterstorff summarizes four common views of the kind of transformations that Christian education should pursue. He responds to these by proposing his own, overarching, purpose – educating for shalom. Do his reflections regarding Christian education have merit for public education?

Suggested Reading: The World for Which We Educate

Can Christian scholars productively engage a public university?  If so, how?
November 7, 12:20-1:10pm, Newman Library Multi-purpose Room

In this essay, Wolterstorff develops, more fully, his notion of faithful learning as a social practice. He acknowledges that in addition to being members of the Christian community we are also members of disciplinary or professional communities. This seems to imply that the form of community (which may be taken to be a quintessentially Christian concept/entity) applies to all scholarship.

Suggested Reading: A Case for Disinterested Learning

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